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Online Marketing

Lead Generation = big money

In this post we want to cover lead generation and how it can equate to a big passive income stream for you. We briefly touch on the subject in this article, but we wanted to go way more in depth and really tackle this subject. After reading about making money blogging, you know that you can basically work really hard and then make money off that work for a lifetime to come. Lead generation is basically the same principle but instead of making money through people clicking on advertising links or selling a product directly from your page, you’re generating live leads for companies that are looking for their service on the internet. Imagine searching for “carpet cleaning” on google in your hometown. Once you type that into Google or any other search engine, there’s going to be a “3-pack” of companies that pop up in the local map section and then below that there is going to be websites that pop up which we call the “organic search results”. Above the map section, it’s also important to note, there is going to be the advertisements that pop up which is basically companies paying to advertise on google. The reason those websites pop up before any of the map or organic searches, is because google is making money off of those and they want as many people as possible clicking on those ads so they are getting paid. The good news is that studies show consumers click on the map and organic listings a lot more often than they do the advertisements, and the people that do click on the map and organic listings are far better customers than the ones clicking on the advertisements. The conversions are better, the price per sale is high, it’s all around better and extremely valuable to show up as the top map and organic search. This explains why a lot of companies pay someone to do search engine optimization work for their websites and map listings so they show up at the top of those search results, get a lot more traffic going to their website, which in turns leads to more people calling their phone number and giving them business (leads).

All business comes down to is leads, and sales, so if you can generate leads you’re going to prove yourself extremely valuable to companies. The best news of all is ranking websites for local businesses can be pretty easy if you know what you’re doing and know what to look for. Many times, you’ll notice that the top search results got pretty lucky and just happened to be a little bit stronger than their competition and didn’t really know what they were doing. Local lead generation is how I make residual money because I put the time and effort into these websites to get them ranked, than when people call the phone number on my website, I have that number forwarded to an actual business owner who then pays me for the business I generate for them. It’s really easy once you’re getting leads coming in to get a business owner to pay you because you can give them a weeks worth of leads for free and then ask for their business. This is what we call results in advance, you’re basically giving the business owner free money, then saying to them if you want to keep growing your business and getting my leads, it’s going to be $750 per month (or whatever fee you want to charge them that makes sense). We just wanted to open your eyes to this type of business model because it’s one that’s proven very effective and a great way to build a passive income stream. One of the businesses I’m doing lead generation for (click here to check out my site: towing Mesa AZ) has tripled his business since taking on my leads. I charge the owner $1,000 per month and he ends up taking home an extra $5,000 every month, so it works out great for everybody. The awesome news is that I don’t have to answer any phones, drive a tow truck, or deal with any customers, and I still make some pretty good money. Imagine rinsing and repeating this process hundreds of times over and you start to understand that this is a very lucrative and realistic way to make passive money online. If you have any questions about how to generate leads and want to learn the process, please contact us here. To learn about how to make passive money through teaching something of value online, please check that article out, here.

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SEO = great ROI

seo - Google Search 2016-04-21 21-15-11There was a recent article from Business Insider that explained why paying an SEO (search engine optimization) professional money in return for getting your website ranked in google. The reason for this is because when people are searching for your service or product, if you’re not one of the top results that show up, people aren’t going to click on your website which means you’re not going to get that business, and your competitor is. We covered why lead generation is such a great profession to get into and in order to do that you need to know and understand search engine optimization. It makes sense that business insider is saying that SEO is such a great ROI because we understand that ranking on search engines is equal to making a lot of money for your business.

There have been some even more recent studies that say that when people are searching for a service or product, 33% of those people searching are going to click on the number one website that pops up in Google or any of the other search engines. Another 20% of those people are going to click on the local map listing. Lets break down what this means to business owners and why paying for seo services are a great return on investment. Lets say Joe the plumber owns a plumbing business in Phoenix, AZ. According to Google Keyword Analysis, there are 1,900 people searching for “plumber Phoenix” every month. If Joe’s website is the first website to pop up on the search results, that means that 33% of those 1,900 people are going to be clicking on Joe’s website. Once they click on his website, there is almost 100% chance that those people are going to call Joe or submit an online form to inquire about the prices he charges for his services. Assuming Joe has reasonable prices and is able to close 100% of the people that visit his website and inquire about his services, Joe is going to get approximately 700 customers per month just from his website. Now according to Google Keyword, if you want to advertise for plumbing in Phoenix, the average cost per click is about $54. So, according to Google, if Joe is getting 700 leads, the equivalent of him paying for those leads on Google’s advertising platform would cost him a whopping $36,000! Now imagine if Joe paid an SEO service $1,000 per month to make sure he stays in the number one organic spot. Joe would basically be getting 700 leads per month for $1,000! This is the value of paying a company to do this kind of work. We highly recommend you learn these skills so you can work for Joe the plumber and get his website ranked in Google. To learn more about this process and start earning 6 figures with your skills, please contact us here.

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Make money teaching online

When it comes to making money online, you can put together a string of videos of information that teaches people how to do something. To give you an example, if someone is searching for “boat restoration” and there’s not a lot of good information available on how to restore a boat, you could easily hire a couple boat professionals, pay them $1,000 or whatever, and film them going over the entire process of boat restoration on video than have a sell able product. This is just an example and you’ll have to do your due diligence to see how much information is already being plastered over the internet in whatever niche you’re looking to get into, but we promise if you look hard enough you will certainly find some information you can teach people that they’ll be willing to pay for. We have a friend from ABC news that was actually able to quit their job from making 1 video than selling that video over 10,000 times for $300 each! That’s some serious paper for about 30 hours of work! That specific video was for teaching people how to take video of a wedding, edit that video, than market yourself as a wedding video professional. The skills that these people gained from paying the $300 could pay them $500 for the rest of their lives every time they got booked to do a wedding. This is a classic example of what we’re talking about here because our friend had a skill that was making them money on the side of their job, video taped themselves doing what they already knew how to do, than packaged that up and sold it as a video course. This is being done all over the internet with just about anything you can think of… the name of the game is finding something that hasn’t been done yet. The good news is that if you enjoy something and are passionate enough about it, you can still put our a video course on your passion and probably outdo whatever competition is already out there. The beauty of this business model is that once you make the video, you’re done and there’s no more work to do after that besides selling it. Selling it is the easy part because you can advertise the video on google adwords, make a 1 page website that has the video on it for purchase, and you’re done. The business runs itself from that point on unless you want to offer coaching programs to go with it or something like that. Heck, that’s an extra couple hundred dollar coaching call it sounds like to me! There are plenty of ways to monetize educational videos on the internet and we feel like this is an outstanding way to make passive income for the rest of your life. What do you have to lose? Give it a shot and start working! To check out some other ways to make passive income online, check out our articles on blogging, and affiliate marketing. If there’s anything in particular you’d like us to post about please contact us here. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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Make Money Blogging

Blogging has become a very popular and lucrative business to get into. There are millions of blogs out there covering every topic you could possibly think of. We wanted to discuss your options for making money as a blogger if this is something that you’re looking into. There are lots of bloggers out there who are living their passions and making money doing it. One example of this is a travel blogger who has been traveling the world and financing his travels through his blog. This is just one example of how blogging can help you live your dreams.

Many people blog simply because they enjoy writing about things that they love with no intention of making money. Others see opportunities in certain market places and purely get into blogging to make money. Whatever your motivation is, there’s millions of dollars being made every single day on blogs. The way most people make money blogging is through affiliate marketing which we touched upon in this article. Another option making money through your blog is selling a specific product through writing about it. You can either throw up an affiliate marketing link to this product or some people decide to actually own the product and ship it out like a regular online store. The cons to this is having to deal with inventory management and you also have to worry about returns and dealing with that. Out of these two options affiliate marketing is definitely the easiest route but your margins won’t be as good as shipping the product yourself in most cases. Another way people make money blogging is by writing and selling e-books on their blog. If you have knowledge or expertise about a specific subject that you know people are searching for, writing an e-book is a cheap and highly lucrative route to go. We will cover more on writing, publishing, and marketing e-books in future articles but for right now we just want to open your mind when it comes to monetizing a blog.

If you are going to start a blog and make money with it using one of the methods we just discussed, there’s some things you’re going to want to make sure you do. The first thing would be to get really good at writing and capturing your readers interest right away. If your blog isn’t really well written then people might not stay on your page very long and go to the next search result. Google take notes of the amount of time people spend on your page so if you have a quick turn over rate they will kick you back in line when people are searching for what you are promoting or selling so this is definitely important for conversions and search engine rankings. The other thing you want to do is stay focused on what you’re selling and don’t stray too far from that. If you’re starting a fashion blog so you can sell clothes, don’t start talking about food recipes in your blog because you’ll confuse readers. At the end of the day if you are passionate about what you’re writing about, have well written content, and stick to your topic, you can definitely make money with a blog. Please contact us if you own a blog or know anybody that owns a blog that is making good money with it. We’d love to interview you or any other successful bloggers out there!

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This is how you make residual 6 figure income

Internet marketing is the best way to earn a lot of residual money quickly. Thousands of internet marketers out there have virtual properties (virtual properties = websites, for your newbies) that make them residual income every minute of every hour, even while they’re sleeping. The way this works is millions of people are constantly searching for things on the different search engines (google, bing, yahoo, etc..) and are clicking on the top ranked web pages. Top ranked simply means that if your searching for something online, the first web sites that pop up in the results are the top ranked websites. How do these internet marketers/website owners make money off of their virtual properties? Well, there’s a few ways to monetize these suckers. Our first and favorite way to make money from internet marketing is lead generation.

  1. Lead generation – this simply means that people are looking for what your website is offering, whether it be a service or product, and either call the number that’s on your website or submit an e-mail submission. As an example, if you’re looking for plumbing in New York City, and you type in Plumbing NYC into Google, the websites that show up first in the results are going to get clicked on. Once the potential customer clicks on that website, they usually call the number on that website to inquire about their services and schedule an appointment. Once that person calls the phone number on the NYC plumbing website, that person officially became a lead.
  2. Affiliate marketing – whenever you click on a website and see an advertisement for something and click on it, the website that you were visiting that had the ad on it gets paid in one of two ways. The first way is a pay-per-click payment method. If I own and I have a link to on the side space in my website, whenever someone clicks on the advertisement for, I get paid! Sweet! The second method of getting paid as an affiliate is commission sales. This means that once someone clicks on your advertisement that’s displayed from my website, if that person buys something from your website, I get paid a commission on the sale. There are pro’s and con’s to both of these kinds of affiliate marketing which we will discuss in a future article.

Imagine having a lead generation or affiliate website setup that was getting tons of traffic from people searching for what you offer making you money hand over fist 24/7. This is the power of internet marketing my friends. We’re not saying internet marketing is easy by any means, but if you wanted to learn a skill that could make you residual income for life, internet marketing could be the right one for you. If you can learn how to get ranking in the search engines, you can start banking. The best part of owning a virtual property is once it’s there, it’s going to stay there until someone comes & out does you. The good thing is that in local lead generating markets, there’s not a lot of website owners who stay on top of this stuff or know how to beat you in rankings. In international markets, you’re going to have people gunning for you at all times so you better be on your p’s and q’s. We’ll get into the details of internet marketing in future posts, we just wanted to open up your mind to the possibilities!

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